Michel Bernard Breaks Down Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

A lot has changed in 2020. The economy came to a screeching halt and people’s lives were upended. But not digital marketing. It keeps going at full steam with many new exciting trends that make 2021 a promising year to look forward to.  

Digital marketing expert, Michel Bernard has vast experience and skills in digital marketing and advertising that he uses to bring creative solutions to marketing problems. From his own firm based in Gatineau, Outaouais, Quebec, he provides top quality marketing solutions for individuals and business owners. “One thing about digital marketing,” he says, “is that new tools are always being rolled out. To give the clients the results they expect, one has to keep an eye out for the new marketing trends and use them effectively.”

Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s innovation or digital experience, the coming year has a lot to offer in the way of marketing. This is more evident in social media marketing. According to advertising expert Michel Bernard, each social media platform has its own rules and algorithms which influence how you get your message across. Since both the niche and target audience are two important factors in the success of any advertising campaign, it’s crucial to focus on a message that builds trust with that audience. As it turns out, every demographic favours one platform over the others. So, the messaging needs to be tailored for that specific platform to achieve a better audience engagement. As social media platforms evolve and become indispensable parts of the users’ daily lives, marketing on social media gains more prominence than ever.


With millions of websites on the internet available to users with just a click of the button, it’s important for businesses to stand out and get a higher ranking. That’s what makes SEO such an important marketing tool, says Michel Bernard. In 2021, getting the right SEO strategy will sometimes be the difference between marketing success and an unremarkable campaign that doesn’t yield the expected results.

A search engine such as Google keeps improving its algorithms, which means that factors such as the page loading speed and user experience which are part of the page experience will have a bigger role to play in the website ranking. SEO best practices will also need to focus on the user intent and incorporate it among the other elements that give the user a better experience and make navigating the website as easy and smooth as possible.

Digital Marketing

Michel Bernard has had plenty of experience with digital marketing as well as viral marketing. “The thing about viral marketing,” he elaborates, “is that you need to pick the right platform for it. The chances of going viral on TikTok are higher than other platforms such as Twitter.” It’s all about the target users and how to make the post or video appeal to them.

With TikTok, for example, the video needs to be fast-paced, professional, and a bit edgy to suit its Gen Z audience. It should also have the right hashtags and a short description to make it easier to find on the app.

Michel Bernard on Advertising Trends

As for advertising campaigns, they also need to keep up with the rising trends in 2021. Two of these trends are voice search and the dominance of video content. Advertising needs to adapt to such gadgets as Amazon Alexa and Google Home which are gaining a foothold in many homes. Video is expected to be the preferred content in the coming year. So, marketing needs to take that into account with targeting consumers, link building, and integrating ads into live streaming platforms such as Twitter and YouTube.