Michel Bernard Discusses Various Careers Available in the Digital Marketing World

As more and more companies move various aspects of their efforts online to create a brand that can be seen on computers, tablets, and smartphones in a flash, the amount of job opportunities within the digital marketing sphere has, naturally, grown with the shift.

Michel Bernard, a digital marketing expert located in Gatineau/Outaouais, Quebec, looks into some of the prominent digital marketing career paths that are ripe for the taking in today’s working world.

Digital Project Manager

Digital project management requires a person to oversee the relationships between a business and clients, manage several creative projects, and ensure that the ideal software or tools are secured for the creative team, Michel Bernard states. A digital project manager must demonstrate great versatility, controlling numerous processes and strategies in their day-to-day responsibilities. Using their vast array of skills, such as communication and mastery of design, these individuals often need to prove capable of adapting because different tasks demand distinct, applicable traits.


Copywriting is all about the sale, intended to persuade readers to commit to an action that relates to a business’s sales process, Michel Bernard says. For the selling of a product, a copywriter has to convince prospective customers that it is a worthwhile investment. If the copywriter is seeking to earn more calls for the company, then he or she must prompt the consumers into dialing. This art of coaxing readers to partake in a sales decision can include PPC (pay-per-click) landing pages, PPC ads, cost-per-mille (CPM) ads, social media ads, website sales copy, product pages, sales emails, and short message service (SMS) ads. 

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you will essentially be a visual communicator, developing concepts by hand or through a computer software, Michel Bernard notes. Whether it is with images, words, or graphics, the graphic designer’s ultimate goal is to inspire, infatuate, and inform consumers. Thanks to these contributions, their organization can then become highly recognizable and distinguished amongst the competition in the field. Basically, the graphic designer is instrumental in helping the business establish a specific identity. 

User Experience Designer

A user experience designer manages the creation of tremendous user experiences with regard to digital services and online products. With the engagement of users typically associated with how long they remain on a website or app, the user experience designer is entrusted to come up with a unique experience that entices visitors to return. With a remarkable attention to detail, these individuals design the web pages, create applications, and conclude how consumers can best interact with a support team. 

Digital marketing covers all the necessary steps from reaching out to potential customers to making them loyal followers that visit the website regularly and offer valuable feedback.

Chief Listening Officer

Chief listening officers monitor both the external and internal communications, noting what clients like or detest about the brand. After attaining this information, they develop strategies to rectify the poor opinions and maintain the positive ones, depending on the assistance of the social media manager throughout the process. Also, they unveil their findings to stakeholders, such as complaints, fresh product ideas, general feedback from social listening and consumer tips. Overall, this job is fundamental in a business’s ability to implement forward thinking, keep consumers pleased, and edge ahead of the competition. 

Data Scientist

Data scientists are granted access to massive amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, which puts them in charge of collecting, interpreting, and utilizing large data sets for an organization’s tactics. To integrate this data correctly and gain a competitive advantage over other companies, understanding the market is extremely imperative, says Michel Bernard. An expert data scientist can alleviate the business’s concerns on this matter, striving to compile information into data visualizations and insights.