Michel Bernard Explains the Importance of Blogging in Digital Marketing

Blogging has become a popular aspect of the digital marketing strategies of companies big and small. And for good reason — blog content offers various benefits. In particular, this type of informative content can greatly contribute to brand awareness and conversion rates. These benefits, among others, make blogging a valuable activity for businesses to partake in, especially if they want to see improvements in their market position. 

For years, Michel Bernard worked as a copywriter for ad firms based in Toronto, helping to create marketing materials, including blog posts. As a writer, Michel gained extensive experience in the world of digital marketing. After years spent enhancing and refining his skill set, Michel began seeking opportunities to expand his knowledge. Today, with his own marketing firm based out of the Gatineau/Outaouais region of Quebec, Bernard uses his writing and advertising skills to offer creative solutions to a wide range of marketing problems. Through his experience as a writer, Michel has witnessed the power of blogging. As a digital marketing expert, he explains the importance of blogging and how it can benefit businesses.


Improved Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), content is key. By creating and publishing high-quality, engaging content on a regular basis, businesses can help their website rank better in search engine results. This content, in the form of blog posts, should be filled with information and keywords related to your business, products, and services. The frequency of blogging plays a role as well. If search engines see that new content is being posted on your website regularly, they will be more likely to view your site as an up-to-date and authoritative source of information. Michel Bernard points out that, while it may not be possible to consistently update product pages, a blog is an area of your website that can constantly be added to, helping to keep a site fresh and current.

Increased Traffic

As a result of improved SEO, a website will also experience an increase in traffic. In addition to attracting visitors by appearing at the top of the search results, informative and relevant blog content also helps websites gain traffic by providing potential and current customers with engaging and helpful information. Michel Bernard explains that increased website traffic acts as a two-way street. On one hand, an increase in traffic will result in improved SEO. On the other, improved SEO will lead to more traffic.

Improved Conversion Rates

When part of an effective digital marketing strategy, a good blog site should help a company to funnel consumers through the purchasing cycle. Initially, consumers will be attracted to the helpful content of the blog and will return to find answers to their questions and learn more about the topics your blog site covers. By providing contact methods, lead generation forms, and calls to action throughout your site, you will be able to turn these returning visitors into qualified leads and ultimately customers.

Target Market Insight

Blogging can also be helpful in discovering new markets and learning more about the needs of your target market. In creating the content for a blog site, businesses will need to research keywords, topics of interest, and frequently asked questions. In many cases, when searching for this information, the digital marketing team will come across untapped markets and potential new product and service ideas. In addition to new avenues for growth, this research helps businesses to get to know their current and potential customers on a deeper level. Michel Bernard notes that by discovering what consumers want to know and the language they use to find this information, a company can harness this data to determine what they need to offer to attract and retain customers.

Michel Bernard on Increased Sales

Ultimately, these combined factors will result in increased sales and revenue. Increasing sales is a top priority for many businesses. Therefore, the ability to achieve this goal with the help of blogging, makes it a very important and effective aspect of your digital marketing strategy.