Michel Bernard Identifies Key Trends in Digital Marketing for 2021

Digital marketing trends tend to change quickly, following on the heels of technological developments. Now, more than ever before (except maybe the onset of social media), digital marketing is changing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, buying habits and online engagement have shifted. When it comes to changes in digital marketing, staying up to date with current trends and incorporating these trends in your strategy can mean the difference between a positive outcome and a failed attempt. Therefore, it’s important for digital marketers and business owners alike to familiarize themselves with current trends in the industry. In 2021, a whole new set of digital marketing trends can be expected, as businesses adapt to the changing market and needs of consumers. 

Michel Bernard is a digital marketing expert from the Gatineau/Outaouais region of Quebec. Michel spent his early years in the field of digital marketing working as a copywriter for various ad firms in Toronto. Here, he gained extensive experience and had the opportunity to learn from some of the most influential leaders in the field. As a copywriter, he spent years enhancing his skills. Eventually, Bernard decided it was time to move on. He began looking for ways to expand his skillset within the digital marketing industry and soon found himself with the knowledge, and client base, to start his own firm. Today, he and his team provide effective and creative marketing solutions for business owners throughout Quebec. Michel shares his insight into the key digital marketing trends to keep in mind in 2021.

Social Shopping

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a lot of time spent at home. For consumers, this has led to increased online shopping. As a result of this online shopping trend, social networks have jumped on board and developed platforms in which businesses can sell their products online through their social media profiles. With social media remaining an effective aspect of digital marketing, businesses will want to take advantage of these new social shopping platforms in 2021. Michel Bernard suggests that digital marketing teams focus on developing their online stores to maintain and build sales. These new tools may even help businesses remain resilient against the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Voice Search

With recent innovations in natural language processing, voice search has made leaps and bounds. Today, voice search is increasingly used by consumers to find information, locate products and even place orders online. Therefore, it will be important for businesses in the coming years to focus on optimizing their content for this form of search. Michel Bernard notes that, much like the process of search engine optimization, voice search optimization will be a major digital marketing trend in 2021.

Video Content

Attention spans have steadily decreased over the years, in part to the quick, dispensable nature of social media content. Social media platforms have progressively adopted short-form content, with new apps like TikTok increasing the popularity of short videos. As a result of consumers moving to these new video-based platforms, businesses will need to focus on harnessing the power of video advertising in 2021. Michel Bernard highly recommends that businesses concentrate on developing video content, both for social advertising and as regular content, to keep up with this digital marketing trend.

Michel Bernard on Local SEO

Due to COVID-19, many people have been required to stay close to home. And, as a result of the financial burden placed on local businesses, communities have started to promote the support of local business. As the pandemic continues to unfold, businesses should focus on optimizing their online platforms for local search, as their consumer base will undoubtedly continue to be local customers, for the time being. Michel Bernard suggests focusing on obtaining and maintaining listings in local directories and platforms like Google My Business, as well as using local keywords throughout your website.