Michel Bernard's Digital Marketing Checklist for Small Businesses

Digital marketing, the promotion of products and brands through electronic media, is a crucial aspect of any company’s business strategy. As people have become accustomed to consuming less information in smaller amounts of time, organizations need to figure out how they will attract new customers and constructively engage with the established ones. 

Michel Bernard, a digital marketing expert based in Gatineau/Outaouais, Quebec, shares a list of basics for small businesses to contemplate in their own internet marketing initiatives. 

Work on Your Website

Any effective digital marketing strategy will start with the company’s website, Michel Bernard states. Shockingly, a large number of small business owners aren’t online, failing to provide helpful information about their companies where consumers are likely to search for it. When you build a website, one that is bound to be successful, it is recommended that you include: clear, consistent communication in regards to your brand message; an intriguing “about” page that will grasp the consumer’s attention; a business blog that will increase traffic and give you an aura of credibility to the public; social sharing buttons that allow visitors to forward your content to others; and a means of tracking your overall metrics in order to improve the website’s performance. 

Paid Advertising and Social Media Marketing

With paid advertising, your company is given distinct advantages that produce quicker results, according to Michel Bernard. Display ads, for one, are image and audio-led ads that appear on web pages, remaining there for some time. These can be highly helpful, though they are to be used meticulously to avoid irritating your consumers. Similarly, paid social media marketing also carries certain advantages to the organic growth route, particularly if you are targeting a specific clientele. Facebook, and the majority of all social media platforms, now offer the option of selecting precisely who sees your ads or promoted posts based on their gender, age, interests, and type of device they regularly use. Although organic social promotion is free, a number of platforms have introduced certain limitations that hinder your reach. It is no longer a given that your updates will be shared with all of your followers; you have to pay for that privilege. 

Email Marketing

While email marketing does require communication with customers on a frequent basis, it’s not as simple as applying an unconventional title and tossing email addresses and offers into a distribution tool. Follow these steps in your email marketing efforts: make every email pertinent to the group that receives it; decide on a platform that is suitable in terms of what features you desire and executing it at a price that is doable for your business; customize a newsletter template that highlights your logo and company information (be patient on this matter because, if it’s created correctly, you can then re-use the specified template for every future newsletter); to expand your email list, promote the newsletter on your website, social media platforms, and within your email signature; and utilize the analytics tool to confirm how many recipients opened the message and clicked on a particular link. 

Michel Bernard on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO optimizes your website and positions it as highly as possible in search engines. Google determines a site’s ranking by focusing on 200 factors or so, such as site speed, backlinks, social media signals, and site usability. Yes, SEO can be a complex, baffling digital marketing tool, but Michel Bernard has outlined a few tips to ease you in: use link building carefully, since search engines can actually penalize you for attempting to cheat the system (links on blog comments, forums, and user profiles are perceived as spammy); research the performance of your website and that of your competition’s; after conducting the research, implement proper keywords for all of your content; always make full use of the free SEO tools at your disposal to optimize your content and review metrics.